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If you are interested in organizing an event in collaboration with the Sound and Humanities Research Cluster, please fill out the following form.

Event Proposal Form

Cluster Affiliates: Please submit the following form in order to propose events and activities to be hosted by the Sound and Humanities Cluster. Supply as many details as possible, also noting where you are flexible or where you would like assistance, etc.

  • i.e. Professor, librarian, graduate student
  • If you have co-organizers for your event, please include them here (Name + Affiliation)
  • When do you hope to hold your event/series. You can also note if the timeline is flexible.
  • If you would like to propose an event or event series with the Cluster, tell us about your proposed activity here. Please include details about topic (what is the theme? how does your event/series relate to sound?) and proposed activities (is this a reading group, an invited speaker, a sound walk, a combination of different events?). Please also note what audience this event would be of interest to (departments, community members, etc.). (3000 characters = approximately 500 words)
  • Provide a tentative budget with itemized costs (catering, speaker travel costs, etc.). If you have or will apply for additional funding to support the event, please note what funds you will seek here. The S&H Cluster is happy to assist with your funding application! Please also note any co-sponsorships you plan to seek. (3000 characters = approximately 500 words)